Max M. Wayman, EA, CFE

Founder & CEO

Founded Max M. Wayman & Associates in 1985 following a 10-year career with the Internal Revenue Service during which time he served as a special agent in the Intelligence Division (later known as the Criminal Investigation Division) and received specialized training at Glynco Naval Air Station, Georgia, in seizure and arrest techniques, locating witnesses and assets, indirect methods calculations, handgun marksmanship, self-defense and providing testimony at trial.

Special agent experience includes conducting a major conspiracy investigation, obtaining leads, evidence and witnesses throughout the United States and abroad. Mr. Wayman has provided testimony to both federal courts and grand juries, and has conducted arrests, search and seizure operations and electronic surveillance.

Mr. Wayman has garnered recognition for superior performance throughout the U.S. Justice and Treasury Departments. He was elected Vice Chairman of the IRS District Director’s Practitioner Liaison Committee, is a member of the National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and the Texas Board of Private Investigators and is an Enrolled Agent to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.

Representation of clients has included direct involvement in the 1994 Whitewater investigation by Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr and the Office of Independent Counsel, a $1 billion embezzlement case involving a large South American bank, international espionage, political scandals and numerous cases involving allegations of conspiracy. In addition to a successful career outside of the U.S. Government, Mr. Wayman serves on the Board of Trustees for his alma mater Texas Wesleyan University. His service as trustee includes membership on the executive committee, government affairs committee and finance and audit committee. Mr. Wayman is also Chairman of the Board for the school’s Forensic Accounting program.