The firm provides unique capabilities in representation of
clients before IRS because of the fact it consists of licensed
professionals who are former IRS employees from the
Criminal Investigation, Examination, and Collection Divisions.
Having been referred to as a “full service” tax firm, our abilities
and experience enable us to provide clients with a myriad of
services beginning with the initial preparation of books, records,
and tax returns and continuing through the various civil and/or
criminal processes that may arise during the statutory life of the
tax return.

Bookkeeping Services
Services of this nature are computerized and used monthly by a
wide variety of businesses who are interested in maintaining a
current and accurate set of books and records that can prove
useful in areas involving business planning, year-end tax
planning, and the ultimate preparation of required tax returns.
In addition, the firm provides financial statements or any other
required and/or requested summary reports.

Tax Return Preparation
Our sincere goal is to prepare any and all returns in the most
accurate and timely manner possible. Professionals within the
firm are capable of preparing personal, corporate, partnership,
employment, unemployment, excise, estate, and other required
federal and/or state tax returns, in addition to amended returns
to possibly reduce or eliminate an existing tax liability.
Completed tax returns are then analyzed to identify and
minimize potential areas of examination by the IRS, as well as
recommendations for possible tax and/or investment planning

IRS Collection Division
Employees within the firm have a combined approximate total
in excess of 116 years experience dealing with IRS collection
matters, not only from within the IRS, but on behalf of the
public. Over the years, the firm has represented thousands of
clients on a national scale involving areas related to federal tax
liens, levies and seizures, avoiding and minimizing the effect of
tax liens and levies, discharges from federal tax liens, analysis
of financial information statements, transferee assessments,
bonds and collateral agreements, Offers in Compromise, trust
fund recovery penalty investigations and defenses related to
proposed assessments, tax, penalty and interest calculations,
possible discharge of taxes through bankruptcy, summonses,
summons enforcement and challenges related thereto,
taxpayers’ rights and disclosure laws, installment agreements,
jeopardy assessments, taxpayer remedies, statutes of limitation, requests for abatement, taxpayer assistance orders, claims for
refund, IRS prepared returns under IRC 6020(b), innocent
spouse provisions, IRS Automated Collection System, IRS
Special Procedures, IRS Problem Resolutions, and IRS Service

IRS Examination Division
The firm has an active practice in areas involving IRS and/or
state audits/examinations of tax returns to make every effort
possible our client is afforded the maximum allowance for legal
deductions and protection against over-zealous examiners and
disputed proposed assessments through the appeals process.

IRS Appeals
Professionals within our firm are regularly involved in timely
filing appeals against proposed assessments, as well as petitions
to the U.S. Tax Court where Statutory Notices of Deficiency
exist. Once these protests are filed, the firm is actively involved
in the gathering and preparation of evidence in support of our
client’s position and the negotiation with Appeals and/or
District Counsel personnel regarding an equitable resolution to
the disputed item(s). Even though members of the firm are not
licensed to practice before the US Tax Court, we are regularly
involved in the negotiation and settlement process leading up to
the tax court and in situations where settlements cannot be
obtained, we will recommend and work closely with attorneys
licensed and skilled in areas of this nature.

IRS Criminal Investigation Division
The firm is actively involved in areas involving criminal tax
controversies on a national scale. This representation often
includes efforts necessary to avoid criminal investigations such
as the preparation of voluntary disclosures, negotiations and/or
strategies involving the civil examination process. Once a
criminal investigation has been established, our experience
enables us to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the
government’s allegations, identify and interview relevant
witnesses, conduct intense examination of the client’s books and
records in a manner similar to that being conducted by the IRS,
identification and accumulation of critical documents and other
forms of evidence in defense of the client, and related Title 26
United States Code Sections. The firm’s representation also
includes negotiations to avoid prosecution with IRS special
agents, district counsel, the Department of Justice in
Washington, and the local US Attorney’s Office.

For several years the firm has been active in areas of
litigation support involving government investigations
and/or indictments relating to white collar crime. The litigation support we provide relates to analysis of the
strengths and weaknesses of the government’s
investigation/indictment, the identification and interviewing of
critical witnesses, assistance in the development of defense
theories, the identification and accumulation of exculpatory
evidence for use at trial, attendance and participation in trial,
the preparation and coordination of witness testimony, and
preparation of cross examination considerations of government
witnesses. The firm is also actively involved in meeting with
investigative agents and/or prosecuting authorities in an effort
to avoid prosecution, when warranted. Our experience and
direct involvement includes litigation support in such areas as
conspiracies, bank fraud, money laundering, check kiting,
wire fraud, mail fraud, healthcare fraud, Racketeer Influenced
and Corrupt Organizations (RICO), obstruction of justice,
perjury, forfeiture, searches and seizures, environmental
violations and investigations by the FBI, IRS, SEC, Postal
Inspectors, and DCIS.

The firm currently employs investigators, licensed before
the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Board, to conduct investigations that involve locating and interviewing
witnesses, locating assets, surveillance activities, tracing
embezzlements, analyzing financial transactions, undercover
activities, employment screening/background checks and
patent investigations. The firm is actively involved, on a
national scale, with law firms, businesses, and private
individuals regarding several types of investigations.

Litigation support in determining the offender’s culpability
and relevant conduct, review of indictment and
preparation of plea bargain agreements, stipulations, factual
resumes, review of pre-sentence reports and preparation of
responses thereto, and the calculation of the sentence under
the guidelines.

The firm provides litigation support in preparing for pre-
parole and/or parole violation hearings.

Associates are and maintain certification by the Texas State Supreme Court to serve a variety of legal process.

Additionally, associates are recognized and serve a variety of legal process for the federal courts.

Our team assists clients in successfully navigating compliance with the USA Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act, OFAC requirements and individual state licensing requirements. Our risk-based and common sense approach yields practical solutions and develops best practices based on the products and services offered by individual clients.

Our training and personal experience recognizes and encourages implementing a two-fold approach to required compliance standards. We encourage using a fully and successfully trained staff and developing systems, tools and controls to monitor, recognize, and report potential suspicious activity.

After associates develop a customized compliance program for each client, we will provide on-site assistance and advise clients with federal and/or state regulators during scheduled and unscheduled examination.